We Wont Bully


Why publicly show my commitment to zero bullying?

Because its an easy way to say "bullying is not ok, and I'm prepared to take a lead role in eliminating work place bullying. It improves workplace productivity, it makes society a better place to live in and I'm acting as a positive role model for the younger generation where bullying is so prevalent".

If I report someone for bullying, will my name and details be kept 100% anonymous?

Yes, absolutely. Your name and identity are always kept 100% anonymous.

What's the difference between "Inviting Someone" and "Challenging Someone"?

If you're confident someone isn't a bully then Invite them. If you think someone is a bully and would like them to work on their behavior, then Challenge them. Whichever one you select, the person receiving the invitation or challenge won't know which one selected.

What are Sponsors?

Sponsors are people who encourage and reward "zero bullying" behavior. Sponsor the people in your organization, division, business unit or team and take a proactive lead role in reducing bullying behavior. Contact us to learn more.

What's "Inviting an Organization"?

If you'd like your organization to be more proactive with their zero bullying policies and stance, then send them an invite. It's an easy way to encourage further zero bullying in your organization.

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