We Wont Bully


Who are we?

We are CEO's, celebrities, sports stars, politicians, religious leaders, company executives, business owners, managers, educators, entertainers, workers and volunteers committed to ZERO BULLYING.

Why commit to zero bullying

Because bullying is a crude and unnecessary form of intimidation that doesn't belong in a mature, modern organization.

Are my details 100% anonymous if I report someone for bullying?

Yes, absolutely. Your name, details and identity will always remain 100% anonymous.

What's the difference between "Inviting" and "Challenging" someone?

If someone isn't a bully then Invite them. If someone is a bully and would like them to improve their behavior, then Challenge them. Whichever one you choose, the person receiving the invitation (or challenge) won't know which one you selected. They will just receive an invitation.

What are Sponsors?

Sponsors are managers who support and sponsor zero bullying in their team, business unit or organization. Contact us to learn about the benefits.

What are Champions?

Champions are managers who have taken it to the next level and are actively promoting, encouraging and building a culture of zero bullying in their team, business unit or organization.

What are Leaders?

Leaders are managers who have successfully implemented a culture of zero bullying across their entire team, business unit or organization.

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