Who we are

We are people and organizations publicly committing to zero bullying, harassment, discrimination and abuse.

We are students, teachers, volunteers, workers, business leaders, political leaders, celebrities, sports stars, co-workers, peers, family and friends. We are teams, employers, businesses, communities, companies and organizations. We are professional connections and influencers.

We are role models. We care for others, encourage others, support others, empower others and lift them up. We want the world to be a better, safer, fairer and more beautiful place.

We believe in zero-harm and fair exchange, and we know bullying, harassment, discrimination and abuse are neither zero-harm nor fair exchange.

We want to make the world a better place... so we're looking for individuals and organizations who have the courage, conviction and commitment to publicly stand against Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Abuse. Who do you know with such courage?

JOIN US. Be the example you want others in the world to be!

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