Who we are

We are students, teachers, parents, family and friends. We are volunteers, employees, employers, co-workers and peers. We are celebrities, sports stars, influencers and disrupters. We are business leaders, political leaders, religious leaders and philanthropists.

We are a fresh solution to the global bullying, violence and abuse problem.

And we all have the courage to say… “I WON’T BULLY! I won't bully or abuse others in order to get what I want. I choose to go about my life in an uplifting, encouraging, supportive and evolved way."


If you haven’t watched the above short 5-minute Introduction Video, or explored our Vision and Mission, then we’d encourage you to do so, as these will give you a deeper insight into what we do, why, and the positive implications our work will have for society and humanity.

We are currently recruiting Philanthropists, Heroes, Leaders and Role Models to help us achieve our ambitious global goals.

At minimum, come Join us... and have the courage to say "I Won't Bully!"

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