We Wont Bully


Who are we?

We are CEO's, company executives, business owners, managers, celebrities, sports stars, politicians, religious leaders, educators, entertainers, employees, workers and volunteers committed to ZERO WORK PLACE BULLYING.

Why commit to zero work place bullying

Because bullying is a crude form of (unconsented) intimation that has no place in a mature, modern organization.

It means "fair exchange" has not (or is not) happening between 2 parties. It means one party is forcing, intimidating or abusing another party for their own personal gain, without the consent of the other party.

Register and state your professional position.

How do I get my work colleagues, peers and LinkedIn Connections to commit to zero work place bullying?

It's easy. Simply register, then "Call on" them to commit to zero work place bullying.

How do I "Call on" them?

Select the "Call on Someone" option, enter their details and upload their picture (preferably their LinkedIn picture). An invite will be sent to their Inbox and your job is done.

Are my details 100% anonymous if I report someone for bullying?

Yes, absolutely. Your name, details and identity will always remain 100% anonymous.

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