Are we a Not-for-Profit organization?

Yes, we are.

Why commit to zero bullying, harassment and discrimination?

For humanity to survive and thrive well into the next millennia this is the only way. It strengthens the bond between co-workers, managers and peers. It strengthens customer, client, supplier and investor relationships. It increases productivity, profitability and brand value. It encourages greater collaboration, trust and unity, and it brings out the best in people. If business leaders, owners, CEO’s and managers lead by example, then their employees, co-workers and peers will follow; and the positive flow-on effects of their behavior will trickle down to homes, schools, educational institutions, government and communities throughout the world. This is good for humanity. It’s good for the planet and it will help make the world a better place. Would you agree?

How do I get my work colleagues, peers, friends and Professional Connections to commit to zero bullying, harassment and discrimination?

It's easy. Simply register, then 'Recognize' these people as persons who are committed to zero bullying, harassment and discrimination.

How do I "Recognize" someone?

Select the "Recognize Someone" option in the user dropdown menu, enter their details and upload a consented professional picture and details of that person. A notification will be sent to their inbox inviting them to have the courage to commit to zero bullying, harassment and discrimination. Please contact us to find out the best way to send a consented email invitation.

Can I anonymously report someone for bullying, harassment or discrimination?

Yes you can. It's a simple and effective way to discourage harmful bullying, harassment, abuse and discrimination in your team, organization, community and society.

Are my details 100% anonymous if I report someone for bullying, abuse, harassment or discrimination?

Yes, absolutely. Your name, details and identity will always remain 100% anonymous if you decide to bring it to the attention of managment.

What does the green "Recognized" number in the top left-hand corner of profiles represent?

It represents the number of co-workers, peers and friends this person has publically Recognized and Endorsed, who choose to do business in an ethical, mature, collaborative and supportive way. That is, those co-workers, peers and friends who are publicly committed to zero bullying, harassment and discrimination.






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