Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is applicable to the,,,, and websites, referred to as "WontBully".

WontBully is a place that encourages, recognizes and supports zero bullying. sexual harassment and discrimination. To make sure users feel safe and comfortable on WontBully, we require everyone to agree to and follow these rules.

People may have different opinions on what our rules should be and things are rarely black and white. As such, we take into consideration multiple factors when approving or disapproving Invitations and Profiles, and may not always get things right. We'll do our best to consider the context and interpret each Invitation and Profile objectively.

If you come across an Invitation or Profile that seems to break the following site rules and guidelines, you can report it to us. Our team will take a look and let you know if we remove it.

Things you can’t post

You aren’t allowed to post anything that:

Things you can’t do

You also aren’t allowed to:

If you run a contest or other type of promotion on WontBully, please encourage authentic behavior, keep WontBully spam-free and be sure to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. In addition, please:

We may remove anything for any reason, including if we think it goes against any of these rules or our Terms of Service.

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