We Wont Bully

Our Mission

1 billion people committed to zero-workplace bullying…. this is Our Mission!

Yes, it’s a big mission. It’s a difficult mission, but it’s a great and worthwhile mission.

It worthwhile because it’s good for human consciousness, humanity and the planet. It will build trust. It will strengthen the bond between co-workers, managers and peers. It will strengthen customer, client, supplier and investor relationships. It will increase productivity, profitability and brand value. It will encourage greater collaboration and unity. And it will bring people and society closer together. This is good for business, industry, community and the planet.

Think about it. If business leaders, owners, managers and courageous employees commit to zero-workplace bullying, then fellow co-workers, peers and stakeholders will follow; and the positive flow-on effects of their behaviour will trickle down to homes, schools, educational institutions, government and communities throughout the world. This is a good thing for humanity. It’s good for the planet and it will help make the world a better place. Do you agree?

If so, then Join us on this mission

Become a Supporter. Become an Advocate. Become a Crusader. Become a Global Lead. Inspire others to make the world a better place.

Have the courage to say “I Wont Bully”.

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