Vision and Mission

OUR VISION is a world that is loving, caring, trusting and aware…free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and abuse.

And the way in which we will achieve this is by inspiring 1 billion individuals, communities and organizations to stand unified in zero bullying, harassment, discrimination and abuse…. this is OUR MISSION.

1 billion individuals, communities and organizations saying “I wont bully, harass or abuse others in order to get what I want. I choose to go about my life and business in an uplifting, encouraging, supportive and evolved way; and I encourage other people, communities and organizations to do the same.”

For humanity to thrive forward well into the next millennia this is the way.


It strengthens the bond between co-workers, managers and peers. It strengthens customer, client, supplier and investor relationships. It increases productivity, profitability and brand value. It encourages greater collaboration, trust, honesty and unity, and it brings out the best in people. It’s an admirable quality to have, and it’s good for one’s reputation, career, business and brand.


If courageous students, employees, contractors, co-workers and parents lead by example, then managers, business leaders, business owners and CEO’s will follow; and the flow-on effect of everyone’s actions will positively impact homes, schools, educational institutions, government and communities throughout the world. This is good for humanity. It’s good for the planet and it will help make the world a better place. Would you agree?

We're looking for courageous individuals who want to create a better world… for themselves, their family, their community, for humanity… and ultimately the planet.

We bet you know at LEAST a dozen people who want this too!

Come join us at

... and be the example you want others in the world to be!

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