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Each year in the U.S alone there are approximately 4,400 youth suicides, with half of these attributed to BULLYING. That’s 2,200 bullying related youth suicides a year, in just one country!

For every successful youth suicide, there are another 100 attempts, with bullying victims 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide than non-bullied victims. That’s 220,000 youths trying to kill themselves every year… because of bullying.


I’m sure you’d agree these numbers are staggering.

What’s more staggering is we see this ‘youth problem’ as being ‘caused by youth’, when in reality, it’s a youth problem PERPETUATED BY ADULTS. As adults, we educate and shape our youth with what we say and do, to the people we love, the people we know and even strangers. Our youth are mini reflections of us, our family, friends, co-workers, community, society and culture.

As ADULTS, we perpetuate the PROBLEM, by avoiding behavioural sustainable change.


The solution is SIMPLE, and it’s right HERE in front of YOU.

As an adult, it’s YOU leading the way. It’s YOU having the courage and conviction to PUBLICY show others YOU are unified in zero bullying, harassment, discrimination and abuse. It’s YOU being the example you want others in the world to be. It’s YOU being a role model for youth, your co-workers, peers, friends, family, community and humanity. You’re the ADULT… and so YOU’RE THE SOLUTION.

It starts with YOU PUBLICLY saying “I wont bully, harass, abuse or discriminate against others in order to get what I want. I CHOOSE to go about my life and business in an uplifting, encouraging, supporting and evolved way; and I CHOOSE people and organizations who have the courage to do the same.

For humanity to not only survive, yet thrive forward well into the next millennia this is the way.

We're looking for courageous individuals who want to create a better world… for themselves, their family, their community, for humanity… and ultimately the planet.

We bet you know at LEAST a dozen people who want this too!

Come join us at

... and be the example you want others in the world to be!

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